Dear Constituent,

As the spring session of the Legislature closed, our government was able to celebrate a number of provincial accomplishments. Our population is growing, the economy is expanding and diversifying, Northern Saskatchewan has renewed investment, and Saskatchewan continues to lead the country in multiple economic indicators.

We want to recognize the hard work that Saskatchewan businesses and global investors are doing. To support that effort, the Government of Saskatchewan remains committed to creating an economic climate that will be sustainable for generations and create new jobs. This is Saskatchewan’s time to shine, and we’re happy with the progress made so far.

As we continue to advance economic reconciliation and increase Indigenous participation in the economy, our government created the Saskatchewan Indigenous Investment Finance Corporation. Its goal is to provide support First Nations and Métis businesses owners who want to invest in forestry, mining, oil and gas, energy production and value-added agriculture. These investments create economic diversity, support growing communities and lead to more high-paying jobs.

During this spring sitting, our government presented a budget that highlighted Saskatchewan’s improving finances and provided a clear path to balance. We made key investments in healthcare, education and mental health and addictions. We have crafted policies that will expand the economy, facilitate new investment and allow everyone to benefit.

This summer, we look forward to connecting with you. After two years of emails and phone calls, we’re excited to have more face-to-face conversations again in order to help us plan for the future and meet the needs of a growing province.

If myself or my office can ever be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact my Meadow Lake constituency office at (306) 236-6669 or at


Jeremy Harrison, MLA

Saskatchewan Crest